Can a Root Canal Treatment Really Be Painless?

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A lot of people are wary of undergoing a root canal treatment, thinking it is a complicated and painful process. But is it really? A root canal is probably one of the most misunderstood dental procedures but is also very beneficial if availed by those in need. At Mayfair Dental Center, we want everyone to understand how essential the treatment is in keeping the overall oral health in shape. To do so, continue reading below.

After regular checkups, one of the things they dread to hear is a recommendation to undergo a root canal treatment. If advised to do so, they would rather ignore it without giving much thought. As a result, they end up suffering from intense pain and tooth loss.


Did you know? In the past, the only solution for an infected tooth is extraction. However, this is not an ideal approach since it is always a better option to save the natural structures. Besides, after having the problem tooth removed, patients would then need to consider a restorative treatment to avoid the harmful effects of leaving gaps unfilled. Fortunately, with the help of root canal treatments, infections can be treated to prevent its further spread to the surrounding structures. Plus, there is no need for extraction since dentists would only need to get rid of the deceased tissues while keeping the tooth intact on its socket.

Saying that pain is associated with root canal treatments is true, but only in the past. The most common reasons why are: inadequate or improper use of anesthesia to numb the swollen nerves, lack of proper medications within the tooth, and the type of apparatus utilized. But thanks to the continuous advancements in the field of dentistry, improved techniques, medicines, and equipment are now available. Before, dentists manually pull out the infected nerves, but now they are dissolved and cleaned using automated devices.

Plus, to make the experience more pleasant for our patients at Mayfair Dental Center, we will first check to see if the treatment really is necessary. And to make the procedure go smoothly and painless as possible, we will be administering local anesthesia.


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