Frequently Asked Questions About ClearCorrect – Philadelphia, PA

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Many patients who need to have their teeth straightened now have several orthodontic treatment options. Aside from the traditional approach of moving the teeth with metal brackets and wires, it is now possible to do it discreetly with the help of clear aligners.

At Dental Savers at Mayfair, we offer our patients ClearCorrect to help them achieve their best smiles. The orthodontic appliance may resemble custom-made mouth guards or whitening trays, but we assure our patients that it is as effective as metal braces. For those who are quite hesitant about getting the treatment due to unfamiliarity, we prepared some of the most common questions asked. We aim to make patients understand the potential of ClearCorrect in helping them get their dream smiles.


Clear Aligner


Will the clear aligners cause pain or discomfort?

Patients would normally experience sensitivity and tenderness days after the aligner is newly worn. The solution for this is to wear the appliance as often as possible for the mouth to get used to it faster. Like any other orthodontic treatments, if improper steps are taken with ClearCorrect, it is more likely to cause unnecessary discomfort. Make sure to strictly follow the given instructions of the dentist for a more comfortable treatment.

What to expect during the treatment?

  • When switching the trays, it may be felt as if the bite changes.
  • It is normal for a patient to have a lisp but as they adjust with the aligner, their proper speech will return.
  • Irritation and sores may occur but not too often.
  • The mouth may temporarily produce more saliva than usual.
  • The dentist may place ‘engagers’ or ‘buttons’ to assist the aligners in moving the teeth.

What is the best schedule to follow in wearing the aligners?

Dentists usually recommend patients to wear ClearCorrect for at least 22 hours a day. As much as possible, they should only be removed during meals as well as when cleaning.

What are ClearCorrect trays made of?

The aligners are made of polyurethane resin that has been tested to become a superior plastic best suited for clear aligners. The material is guaranteed to be stain, crack, or impact resistant, stress retentive, transparent, biocompatible, and BPA or phthalates free!

Ready to get started in your journey to straighter, healthier teeth with ClearCorrect in Philadelphia, PA? Call us at Dental Savers at Mayfair to book your appointment! We are located at 6412 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135.