How to Keep Dentures in Place? – Philadelphia, PA

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Dentists are trained and skilled individuals, particularly in certain fields of dentistry. They always make sure to deliver only the best dental treatments and procedures to patients. Before letting them out of the dental office, the dentist sees to it that the person achieves a superb dental experience that they deserve. Those who acquired dentures or any other teeth replacements are checked and assessed first to ensure the proper fitting of their devices.

Dental professionals are not the ones to blame for poor-fitting dentures. Over time, the prosthesis will lose its proper fit and shape due to certain circumstances. Sometimes, it is inevitable for dentures to fall or slip because of constant gum movements. Here at Dental Savers at Mayfair, we will teach you how to secure your restorative device in place.


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Tips For A More Stable Dentures

No one likes slipping dentures. So, to help patients who experience this discomfort, here are some tips we prepared:

Do not use boiling or hot water when storing your dentures

Soaking dentures in water overnight helps preserve the state and moisture of the prostheses. However, it is important to note that high temperatures can warp the shape of the device, compromising its fitting in return.

Consider the use of denture adhesive

Creams, powders, or liquid adhesives can temporarily keep dentures intact. The bonding agent holds the oral device in place, avoiding the risks of wobbly or falling dentures.

Be cautious when eating or speaking

Wearers may find it a bit awkward to talk and chew foods during the first few days of having dentures in their mouths. Even with little force or pressure, it is possible for the teeth replacement to slip or fall. Remember to speak less and eat with caution.

Invest in Denture Stabilization

The best way to counter any discomfort and complication brought by dentures is to invest in a procedure called denture stabilization. Doing so eliminates the likelihood of the prosthesis to lose its proper fit. Through dental implants, dentures are kept secured in the mouth.

If you’re wearing dentures now and you’re not entirely comfortable with them, give us a call! We can discuss our Denture Stabilization service in Philadelphia, PA so that your dentures become more comfortable and more useful. At Dental Savers at Mayfair, we make sure that our patients get the best possible solutions for their missing teeth.